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The All Conquering Inspire 1 Pro

The All Conquering Inspire 1 Pro

AirLens - Your Specialized Aerial Media Company.

AirLens delivers high quality media content to Companies, Government, Individuals and other entities with specific requirements for Aerial content.

At AirLens, we combine Aerial photographs, video footage, ground based video and still photography, sound and cutting edge editing. to deliver very high quality media content for websites, Corporate Image Promotion, Construction, Architectural Heritage, Tourism, Agriculture and other sectors.

Using a fleet of high performance UAV's (Drones), AirLens cameras go where few have gone before.

Combining solid cinematic production techniques, 4K full HD video and HDR photography, AirLens delivers media that surpasses your highest expectations.

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Recent Projects

Cashel Union of Parishes

This was a project covering 4 Church of Ireland Churches and a Cathedral in the Cashel area.

Ballinalard Stud

This was a Corporate Image video project to promote Ballinalard Stud and their unique offering in the Equine Industry.

WR - Shaw and Company

Corporate Video promoting WR-Shaw and Company, one of Irelands largest tractor sales outlets, dealing in New Holland Tractors and other Agricultural Equipment.


Corporate Video Productions

Corporate Image Enhancement
Creating High Quality Corporate Videos for Hotels, Offices, Manufacturing Facilities, Tourism and other Sectors . Changing perspectives, delivering real results.

Media Content for Websites

Everything in the Cloud, from the Clouds
High Quality promotional Video Productions to enhance any website presence. This will become the new normal for website content.

Photo / Video Editing

Less is More
Raw video or un-retouched photos leave much to be desired in many productions. Don't settle for mediocre, Crop, Cut and Edit until it is just right.

Photo Shoots

On Location
For every production, a photo shoot is core to it's success. Getting that perfect photo, framed and light correctly, can add so much to any production.

AirLens use Joe Morrissey's unique HDR photography in most of our productions.

Coprorate Events

Promote Your Events
Corporate Events are sometimes the stuff of legend. Capture these unique moments and use them for further Corporate Promotional benefits. Perhaps a video or photo album as a memento for some of your key customers or employees?


A Different Perspective
Not our core business, but as an addition or supplement to your main videographer / photographer, AirLens can bring something new to the old reliables.