Drones – What can They Do For Me?

Drones are incredibly efficient aerial video and photography platforms, that are capable of providing a huge range of services to almost every sector of society.

Drones can be used to inspect roof structures, wind turbines, power pylons, forestry plantations, planning applications, agricultural crops, coastal sites, mountain terrain and many other difficult to reach sites.

We have used our drones to provide forest inspection services for farmers, promotional videos for Irish Milk producers, construction progress reports for West Pharma, promotional video footage for tree surgeons and other service sectors and even a cider manufacturers promotional video.

We have also used our drones to help with planning applications, provide assistance in site survey planning and progress, promote heritage locations and to provide unique web content for churches and cathedrals in Tipperary.

You are limited only by your imagination and using our specialised software, our drones can also help calculate potential crop yields, volumes of aggregate, metals or other large stockpiles of material, such as coal, timber, steel stone etc.

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